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Downloading Instagram Photos and Videos: How It Works

Instagram is an app that has grown in leaps and bounds since it was first launched exclusively on IOS in October 2010. The social networking site has literally fought its way into the hearts and lives of billions of people one picture at a time. Facebook recognized the direction the tide was flowing and paid an unprecedented 1 billion dollars for Instagram in 2012. Yeah, smart guys huh? Right now, Instagram is on almost everybody’s smartphone. Let’s have a test, shall we? If you are riding a public transport in any major city in the world, check around you, it’s very likely you will see a lot of the people around you on their Instagram apps scrolling away. As popular as the app is though, it has an annoying handicap- users are not allowed to download pictures or videos on Instagram (this is apparently due to copyright infringements). The best they can do is to take screenshots of the picture, but that comes with annoying borders and sometimes the pictures aren’t of good quality. Trust the tech community to come up with a solution, some enterprising individuals have quickly devised ways to overcome the handicap in the form of third-party apps. These apps help users to download content on Instagram directly just like you can do on Twitter. insta downloader

How To Download Instagram Photos

Now we are getting to the specifics, how to download that lovely picture you just saw on your friend’s feed. We are going to list a couple of these third-party apps here and how they work. -       IG Capture This is a pretty good Instagram third party download app. It works more seamlessly on Android than on IOS. On Android, all you have to do is install the app and when you are ready to download any picture or video on Instagram, you click on the upper right corner to drop options menu and then choose “copy link” which automatically downloads the picture or video.  Neat huh? It’s not so neat on IOS though, the app has to be opened for it to work and when you click the “copy link” you have to then go to the app and click paste before you can download. Seems to be a lot of bother just to download a picture, but then it’s free, so you suck it up.   -       InstaSave The InstaSave app works about the same way as IG capture works on IOS. The app has to be opened, then you have to click on the options for the picture or video, click “copy or share URL” and go to the app to paste the URL to download the picture or video. There is a catch here, though, you have to be following the account where you are downloading the picture or video from (this is not the case with IG capture)   These are just a few of the apps out there that can help you to save your favorite pictures and videos on Instagram. Other cool ones include FastSave, Regrann, Insta Download and so on. Whichever one you do go for, make sure it serves your own personal needs. Enjoy and download away!

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